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60th Anniversary  - Phone: 405-443-8614    Mainstream Lessons at St Johns Episcopal Church

Swinging Rebels Square Dance Club welcome you to our favorite hobby of square dancing. We would love to have you Come dance with us! You will find a place where you can make new friends, exercise the body, stimulate the mind, have good ole' fashioned fun and just laugh out loud.
Square Dancing really is " friendship set to music " - happiness is right around your corner.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer, fresh out of lessons, simply passing thru or just born to dance, drop by and join a square. We dance mainstream and plus on the second and fourth Fridays of each month (weather permitting) with a workshop at 7:00pm and the Grandmarch at 7:30pm. Our dance hall is the St Johns Episcopal Church
5401 N Brookline, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

Our doors are always open...Vistors welcome!

The caller is ready...
The fiddler is in tune...
Grab your partner...
There'll be a square dance here...real soon!

The Rebels are members of
Central District Square Dance Association,
which is part of the
Oklahoma Square Dance Federation.
Visit either of these two sites for other information.
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All Rebels activities are at the St Johns Episcopal Church, 5401 N Brookline, Oklahoma City, OK
Guest and Visitors - $5.00    Members - Free
We dance MS, Plus Dance & Lines
We dance to various local callers.
Our website is www.SwingingRebelsOKC.org
We have been dancing continuously since 1960

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Come for a Swinging time with the Rebels

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